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      Address: NO.10 Xian-Xing Road,Industy Park Xianlin Hangzhou Zhejiang,China

      Tel: 0086-571-88680882

      Fax: 0086-571-88680882

      Http: www.wsunlight.com


        Established in 1998, Hangzhou Faerle Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional and modern t-bar factory. Our products are exported to Nigeria, Iran, Ukraine, Russia and other countries. Our company has a very high market share.
        Our company has scientific and technical facilities. Our products are prod

      Add:NO.10 Xian-Xing Road,Industy Park Xianlin Hangzhou Zhejiang,China Tel:0086-571-88680882 Fax:0086-571-88680882
      Hangzhou faerle building materials Co., Ltd. all rights reserved.  Zhejiang ICP No. 07506365 技術支持:
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